Well, it was my first time ever to take a swim in the Vancouver Island outdoors. It was a pleasure to get a relief from physical stress based on my irregular schedules, the flying and all that. Gadadhar, Manohorini and their wonderful pooch, Yogi, that headed for the Chemainus River at a spot ideal, humanless. It's waters come from the mountains and before they hit the ocean, we has our moment.

This is indeed downtime.

Where that waters of people came in for today was at the Unity Hall, now recently used by the Hindu community in Nanaimo. This astonishing energetic Bengali lady, Tamalie, pulled this last minute program together at my request. I used the gathering of families and friends as an opportunity to book launch my latest, "The Walking Monk: Poems. 1 ." Naturally we had Kirtan Yoga dance, prasadam and my talk, which was partially comprised of reading some contents of the book.


I was pleasantly surprised at the quiet or "shanti" that prevailed over the reading, There were children there. Some of them were keen to see me after the reading. In other words, they wanted the books.

My select poems which I read were "Loose Tongue Monster" (about gossip). "Dear Mind," "The Oldest Song" and a piece about our guru, Srila Prabhupada, and the struggles he endured to help all of us in the effort to alter consciously.

I must mention about David who provided the DJ power.

From Shana, this man is empowered and is also a yogi.

Source: https://www.thewalkingmonk.net/post/with-the-river-and-the-people

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