the river (3)


Well, it was my first time ever to take a swim in the Vancouver Island outdoors. It was a pleasure to get a relief from physical stress based on my irregular schedules, the flying and all that. Gadadhar, Manohorini and their wonderful pooch, Yogi, that headed for the Chemainus River at a spot ideal, humanless. It's waters come from the mountains and before they hit the ocean, we has our moment.

This is indeed downtime.

Where that waters of people came in for today was at the Unity Hall, now re

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If I didn’t wheel my suitcase down the city streets to Union Station from the ashram, a distance just shy of a 5 kilometre mark, I might not have put any walking in for the day. I felt to almost be in Vaikuntha, the spiritual world. Traffic was not nil, but quiet. For a good part, I stuck to the bike lane where you don’t have these cuts in the concrete. I arrived just after 6 am, and in a nice way, tuckered out, ready to plop down on the comfy train seat. With my japa meditation complete and pr

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The River and The Home by Bhaktimarga Swami


The Muskoka River is supposed to be a length of 8 kilometres which is not long and at spots it is rather still in its flow. In other areas it rushes to become white water. At least where Mahadeva, Annapurna, and I were trekking on the River Road in Bracebridge next to the flow, we find it to be a body of water that’s very alive. In sections there are cascades and waterfalls. I can’t wait til the summer to tackle it. I’ll portage when the falls appear. Whatever the season, it's something to marv

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