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Wishes for the New Year by Haripada Das

8368935078?profile=RESIZE_400xHappy, happy New Year,
I wish you, O my dear,
Have a blissful life,
Free from lust and fear. |1|

The enemies within,
Which, cannot be seen,
Are lust and anger,
Those force us to commit sin. |2|

If we remain sinful,
How can we be peaceful?
O my dear, I have to tell you,
Awake, arise and be careful. |3|

Life is very precious,
We have to be serious,
To make the best use of it,
And prevent the greatest loss. |4|

The greatest loss,
Is failure to cross,
The cycle of birth, old age,
Disease and death. |5|

We are eternal,
We are spiritual,
If we endeavor,
Can become immortal. |6|

This will be our last birth,
This will be our last death,
If we follow the Bhagavad-Gita,
With love, devotion and faith. |7|

This life is just a moment,
Of the eternal event,
As we are eternal servants of Krishna,
And His fragmental element. |8|

Still this life is meaningful,
If we become successful,
In remembering the Lord at the end,
With consciousness full. |9|

Tied with a fine thread,
A sword is hanging over our head,
It may fall at any moment,
And we will be dead. |10|

This is an important lesson,
For an intelligent person,
Who chants the holy names of Krishna,
And follows His instruction. |11|

It is a vain endeavor,
To think we can remember,
The Lord, without practice,
During our early year. |12|

There is no loss in chanting,
If we are really wanting,
To overcome the miseries of life,
As we cannot comeback again in time. |13|

Our big material bio-data,
With any reservation or quota,
Will not be useful,
And cannot help even an iota. |14|

So, let us come out of this illusion,
And take a resolution,
In this New Year,
To chant the Holy Name,
Which will give us real fame,
And provide solution,
To all our problem. |15|
[Composed by Haripada Das Adhikari (Dr. Hare
Krishna Mohanta)


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