Why Onion and Garlic are considered ‘ Taamsik’?

Why Onion and Garlic are considered ‘ Taamsik’?Abstaining one from eating onion and garlic by devotees has always been a topic of debate. Every vegetable has an effect on our body and accordingly our body reacts to it you can see its reflection in ones nature and style of living.It is believed that before one prays to god we should not only bathe externally but we should be clean internally too, onion and garlic emit repugnant smell after one eats them from the body, which is unacceptable. Secondly these vegetables are libido enhancers in other words possess stimulating qualities that attracts person building an aggressive nature known as ‘tamsik guna’ in mythological world which hinder one to indulge towards spirituality. Thirdly these vegetables are considered that they were not gifted us by lord but they were born from a sin committed by a Brahman family.In old eras Brahmans possessed the power to bring the dead alive. Once a Brahman performed yajna and sacrificed a cow; to which he would give its life back through his magic chants. But while he was busy in his yajna, one of the members hid some piece of the cow to test his powers. When the Brahman brought the cow back to life he saw some of the belly part missing; on meditating he figured out the reason behind it. The family member realised his mistake and threw the piece far away in the fields to avoid punishment. That enchanted living piece of the cow transformed into edible items; thus the bones changed into garlic and the meat part into onion. Henceforth these vegetables are not considered as vegetarian by all Vaishnava and Brahmin devotees.The bhog offered to Lord in the Radhavallabh Temple are also with some peculiar specifications and methods. Every kind of cereals, pulses, grains, fruits and vegetables are use to prepare Bhog maintaining ‘Apras Sapras’. Certain vegetables and fruits are restricted;Such as red coloured fruits and vegetables- tomatoes, cherries, carrot, beet root etc.; as they represent the blood colour of humans.Vegetables with inborn leafy insects- cauliflower, cabbage etc.; are considered unfit as these insects may accidentally enter our body on cooking.Repugnant vegetables and fruits onion and garlic are considered inauspicious.It is thus believed that the key to the necessity to keep our bodies clean from within lies in our own hands, i.e. why onion and garlic should be avoided.
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  • Hare Krishna ! Can anyone cite a quote from Vedas prohibiting use of Onion and Garlic, red vegetables like tomato, red chillie, carrot, beet root, leafy vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage etc. Is it mentioned in Bhagwat Gita and Shrimad Bhagwatam ?
  • nice knowledge given.

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  • The sulphur containing compounds in Onion and Garlic causes mental agitation .
    Onion and Garlic spoils very fast and causes foul smell .
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