Why are we impelled to commit sinful acts?

Blunt, direct, yet kind is my nature. I'm just a nice guy who is never afraid to stand up for myself or others but I am also human and I am quite prone to err. I've made many mistakes in my life just as many can relate, however, the level of graveness to my errors was peaked when I was trafficking drugs across the country. The outcome to such mistakes was the same as many others - LOCKED UP. I spent almost 2 years as a pre-detainee in federal custody before my case got dismissed on a technicality. While I was behind bars I had an epiphany and through my experience I seen the error in my ways. I witnessed what drugs did to people first hand and at first glance we all know what people who do drugs look and act like but it is a different angle of this sad topic when you are forced to live and socialize with such people who are addicted. I just could not see that and ignore it. Now that I am out I am still not in the clear because I got reindicted so I am trying to use my time out here to publish a book of my experience in federal custody and relate Vedic and Christian knowledge which helps explain why we are hedonistic by nature. 

In Bhagavad-gita 3.36 Sri Arjuna asks Krishna(God), "Why is a person impelled to commit sinful acts, even unwillingly, as if by force, O descendent of Vrishni (Krishna)?"

My book is a humble attempt of figuring that out.

The book's name is The Primrose Path: In My Opinion. I added the second part because if people think I'm wrong well guess what? It's just my opinion. I hope the reader enjoys the words and I would greatly appreciate feedback! Thank you! Hare Krishna.

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