We might wonder what is going on in the heart of the Lord when someone turns to Him. Any information about this would increase our desire to connect with Him manifold – but is there any reliable description, an example, a real incident?

This is very nicely answered in the following texts, where the Lord welcomes Gopa Kumara when he finally comes before Him.

The Supreme Lord said: “Welcome, welcome, My dear boy! I am fortunate – most fortunate – to meet you here. For so long I have been eager to see you!”

Note: The Lord is extremely jubilant to meet his devotee Gopa Kumara – that’s why He repeats the word svagatam “welcome” and di??ya “by good fortune” twice each. He had been waiting for so long!

“My dear friend, you have passed many lifetimes without paying any attention to Me at all…”

Note: All this waiting has increased the Lord’s eagerness unlimitedly.

“For so long, hope had me dancing like a fool, thinking, “Perhaps in this lifetime, or this, or this, or this, he will finally turn his face toward Me.”

Note: The Lord wanted Gopa Kumara to know that even though Gopa Kumarya had completely forgotten Him, the Lord had not forgotten Gopa Kumara and was always hoping to regain Gopa Kumara’s association. So the Lord became impatient…

“But I could find no pretext on which to bring you to My abode, dear brother, and still follow the timeless laws that I Myself have created.”

Note: Here the Lord answers a possible doubt – why did He not simply use one of His shaktis to bring Gopa Kumara to Him? There was a reason: Timeless laws. This refers to a restriction which the Lord Himself has established: As long as the living entities wish to control and enjoy their own little world, the Lord will respect their choice and not interfere. The Lord could have done something to break His rules if Gopa Kumara would have given Him a “pretext” like he did in the case of Ajamila. Even chanting the shadow of His names would have been enough! However, Gopa Kumara remained “silent” in this regard.

“You showed Me no mercy, and as I have considered this I grew impatient, full of anxiety to receive your favor. So, I transgressed My eternal code of conduct and arranged for you to take your current birth.

Note: Amazing!

“Dear boy, in that divine district of Govardhana, My most beloved abode, I myself became your guru, known by the name Jayanta.”

Note: Anyone who had even the slightest contact with Giriraja Govardhana knows that the atmosphere there is full of mercy and divine arrangement. Ultimately, it is always by divine mercy that the living entity can overcome the insurmountable ocean of illusion, attain Krishna and love to Him. By one’s own endeavors this is simply not possible!

“Today you have at last fulfilled the desire I have harbored for so long. Please nourish your happiness and Mine by staying here forever.”

Note: Gopa Kumara might say: “You did so much for me Krishna, but I did nothing at all for you. I did not even look Your way.” To this the Lord says in all humility: “You have done Me the greatest favor by coming here. Please stay with Me forever!”

Where else can we find such love?

(From the Brihad-Bhagavatamrta: Chapter Four – Vaikuntha: The Spiritual Kingdom: Text 81-87)

Source: http://www.dandavats.com/?p=60148

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