In America motherhood is considered old-fashioned. People are ashamed to be mothers. Women are taught to be professionals. Child care is given to other professionals, and thus children miss out on the love of a mother and have so many psychological difficulties. In America, 68% of couples get divorced. Of the parents of my friends I grew up with, my mother and father are the only couple that stayed together.

There is a need for ideal mothers, ideal fathers, ideal brahmacaris, ideal sannyasis, etc.

Devotees like to be insulted. We feel we are getting Krishna’s special mercy. It makes us humble.

Varnasrama teaches how to perform our duties in a pure spiritual consciousness that develops our devotion for God.

Who we consider is great in human society shows our degradation – movie stars, musicians, athletes, TV stars. What is their consciousness? What do they think about? Most of them are not even happy. Newspapers tell of their scandals. We are idolizing people who always involved in scandals.

All people can make an impact on the world if they simply act in harmony with the will of God because they have the power of God behind them.

Srila Prabhupada, just one Bengali man, spread the message of sanatana-dharma all over the world. Many thousands of people worldwide are reading Bhagavad-gita by his influence.

The duties of this world are temporary, but our duties to God are eternal.

If you are just doing your material duties but ignoring your spiritual duties, you are in the category of Duryodhana.

Three things help spiritualize our lives:
Association with sadhus, hearing from them, and serving them.
Leading a moral life.
Regularly bathing our consciousness in the sound of the holy name.
From Travel Adventures of a Krishna Monk: https://is.gd/89FOy9

Source: http://www.dandavats.com/?p=73994

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