What is Truly Important? by Achyut Gopal Das


One of the books I truly love is the JAPA book my Bhurijan Prabhu. It is such a practical, beautiful and deep book. It just makes so much sense and puts things in perspective.

Here is a small extract from the book on, what is truly important in life. I am sure you will appreciate the deep wisdom of these simple words.
"What is the significance of having proved ourselves right and someone else wrong? What is the significance of having achieved crowning success in this world? What is the significance of again dredging up those past pains and pleasures? In a thousand years - in even a hundred years - no one alive will remember that we ever existed. Even our names will have been forgotten! What contribution can we make during our brief life span that will actually stand the test of time? Try viewings success and failure, pain and pleasure, significance and insignificance from the perspective of Brahma's lifetime and then from eternity.
What could be more important than focusing on the Holyname? For us insignificant souls, nothing is more important than to listen to Sri Krishna's names and learn to turn toward Him."
"satyam satyam punah satyam, harer namaiva kevalam"
"The truth, again I say truth is the Holynames of Krishna."
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