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Vrindavan Darshan (Mansarovar and Bhandirvan on 30 April 2013

Maan Sarovara
 Maan means anger this place is called maan sarovara because Srimati Radha Rani came here in the mood of Maan. Maan is when Radharani acts angry and feels hurt because of Krishna’s neglect. There is temple on the bank of this lake dedicated to Srimati Radharani. Lord Shiva bathed here to take the form of a Gopi. Maan Sarovara is located in a peaceful place, totally surrounded by woods. Not many people visits this place and untill you get fairly close to this place most people will not know where it is located. Bhandirvan:- Balrama killed the demon Pralambasura, Radha Anand Bihari temple the deity of krishna in this temple applyin vermilion (a red dot,kumkum,sindoor) to the forehead of Srimati Radha Rani. The husband applies vermilion to the head of his wife when they are married. Jiva Goswami said in Gopala Campu that Radha & Krishna were married at bhandirvat (Banyan Tree) in the Bhandirvana forest. Lord Brahma was the officiating priest for the marrige and the other demigods alo took part.

The Adi varaha Purana and the Garg Samhita describe the marrige. There is a large banyan tree which is said to mark the place where the marrige took place. There is a well called Venu-Kupa (Bhandir Kupa) which is said to have been created by Krishna pushing his flute into the ground,so he could satisfy his thirsty friends. Another story about this well says that Krishna created this well because the Gopis told him he was contaminated for killing the demon Vatsasura,who was in the form of a calf. The gopis told him that for him to be purified of this great sin that he had to visit all the holy places and bathe in all the holy rivers on the earth. Then Krishna pushed his flute into the ground and all the tirthas and holy rivers came into this well. Krishna then took bath in this well. Many barren women come here and they take some water from Venu Kupa and then pray for a son. If the new moon night (Amavasaya) falls on Monday, the water in this well turns white like milk. The local residence hold a festival on that day. It is said that Balrama came to this well after killing Pralambasura.Maantvan:- It is said that Balrama came to this village and taking rest for some time after killing Pralambasura. That’s why this temple is here and deity of balrama is so beautifull.

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