1, 2, 3, 4 bed & 5 bed (Penthouse) apartments in Mayapur dham!

  • "We have great ambition to develop this place [in Sridham Mayapur] nicely and gloriously....".
  • "But if we do something there [in Sridham Mayapur], it must be done very nicely. "

Pay less & Mayapur gets far less than what Srila Prabhupada ordered.
You pay slightly more but GAIN 40 plus times more !!!

  • Purely Vedic Indian style Manasara architecture.
  • Fusion of Srila Prabhupada's Lotus Bld design.
  • Rarely attained high overall 80 % plus good Vastu compliance.
  • World class private gated & guarded road, only 8 minute walk, direct to new ISKCON Temple of Vedic Planetarium (TOVP).
  • Energy saving light bulbs and equipment.
  • Energy saving design - cool in summer & warm in winter.
  • Energy saving temperature resistant windows & doors.
  • Energy saving new concrete technology wall & floor insulation.
  • Energy saving new concrete technology sound proofing
  • Energy saving Brahmasthana solar reflector for daylight lighting.
  • Energy saving Swiss SOLAR electricity with generator backup.
  • Energy saving Swiss SOLAR water heating & air cooling.
  • Energy saving 'rain harvesting' to save water.
  • Energy saving solar air humidity water extractor.
  • Energy saving solar air de-humidifier for inside apartment.
  • Energy saving air conditioners with latest saving technology'.
  • Energy saving clean 'waste disposal management' system.
  • Energy saving sensor lights and auto off timing system.
  • Energy saving solar lighting in compound grounds & fencing.
  • Fully fitted kitchens with high class up & down cupboards, marble work top, high quality stainless steel sink, gas cooker, floor and wall tiling, ceiling solar light reflector, air extractors where required, and a quality fridge/freezer.
  • Fully fitted bathrooms with ceramic fittings, floor and wall tiling, sloped floor drainage, compartmentalized shower, bidet near toilet, washer/dryer clothes machine.
  • Bedrooms with wood compartmentalized fitted wardrobes.
  • Highest standard of finishing throughout.
  • 5 year building warranty and 1 year + warranty on appliances.
  • Basement designated parking for vehicles, bikes, & bicycles.
  • First class lift from basement to all floors.
  • Soothing views of Ganga while riding the lift.
  • Shared rooftop garden with stunning 360 d. panoramic views.
  • Views of Ganga from all apartments.
  • Stunning unobstructable views of new ISKCON TOVP temple.
  • Grand staircase representing Nitai's embracing divine arms.
  • Hurricane resistant, flood protected, double strength 22 meters deep highest quality piling and building strength engineered to withstand an earthquake on the richter scale of 6.7 for 45 seconds which has never been recorded in the Mayapur region.
  • This devotional supreme residence complex will be occupied only by devotees and unrestricted ownership is offered to devotees from any part of the world.
  • Free rickshaw to temple for elderly, women, & children.
  • 24 hours gated & guarded security with CCTV around 8ft high security wall with movement detectors & solar lighting.
  • On site management office open 9-5 six days a week.
  • Low monthly maintenance costs.
  • Soothing, cooling breezes coming from the nearby Ganga.
  • This GBCom approved project contributes it's all to Mayapur's urgently needed infrastructure.
  • This project helps to 'magnificently' beautify ISKCON's world headquarters at the holiest of all holy places in Sridham Mayapur, just as Srila Prabhupada intended.
  • This transcendental residential development is the only one of its kind in the world in that it is almost totally green and clean with a very faint carbon footprint and that is has a rarely achieved 80% plus good Vastu compliance statistic derived from 155 plus major and minor rules of Vedic architecture. The project has been highly recommended for submission for many Indian and international design awards thus reflecting glory upon Srila Prabhupada and ISKCON.
Designer Architect: H.G. Ajamila Dasa (ACBSP), Bhakti Sastri, Vastu Sastri, Vastu Guru. Project Director, Designed with a 20 year developed computerized systemization of implementation of 155 major and minor Vastu sastra rules.

Please inquire for more details and availability - vaishnavasevadasa@gmail.com

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  • This project is no where near completed. There is one empty shell like structure only. The project manager has been accused by some devotees of taking money and not delivering the flat as promised. Be careful!
  • is the project completed  ?

  • hey, I know someone who served for 24 years and I heard that devotee who served for more then ten years could have an appartement for free...is it still going on?

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  • 2 bedroom apartment, cost total service charges, land rental if any free and clear ownship or title reside with temple. details please.

    hare krsna Jai guru gauranga

  • need to know details of this project with cost breakup.
  • please prji tell us in details for this project by mail or on IDT site.


  • I'll take the penthouse pls. :)

  • Please share more information I am very interested email me at vcramsawack@hotmail.com THANK YOU HARE KRISHNA

  • My request:

    Plz care to share the contact details.

    I would love to be informed about The Booking Amount, mode-of-payments, total costs, transfer-of-property in buyer's name et cetra.


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