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By Tarakanatha Dasa

Last year Food For Life Wales was awarded with the prestigious Points of Light Award by the UK Prime Minister. They received a letter in which Prime Minister Boris Johnson wrote:

“I wanted to write personally to thank you for your extraordinary efforts at ‘Food For Life Wales’ feeding tens of thousands of vulnerable people and our wonderful NHS workers. Your uplifting mission has brought nourishment and care to so many people and I am lost in admiration for the dedication of your army of volunteers who work tirelessly in the service of others.”

Tarakanatha Dasa was approached by a member of the Prime Minister’s Office to invite him on an informal zoom call with the Prime Minister. The purpose of the call was for the Prime Minister to again personally offer his gratitude and to enquire more into the great work done by Food For Life Wales. Tarakanatha was joined by several other Points of Light winners and the Prime Minister addressed everyone individually. At the time of receiving the award, Food For Life Wales had distributed 30,000 meals and engaged with 200 volunteers. The Prime Minister was astounded to hear that at present 100,000 meals had been distributed and 400 volunteers had been engaged.

Furthermore, he was reminded of his visit to the Bhaktivedanta Manor of which he had fond memories. Then the Prime Minister said he had a confession to make. “When I was about 17, I took my girlfriend who later became my wife. I was so poor. I didn’t know where to take her for lunch.” the Prime Minister revealed, “I took her to the Hare Krishna place in SoHo. I don’t know if it still exists. They gave us some free curry and dal. It was very useful. I was able to treat her to lunch. It was such a wonderful thing.”

This little story serves as a wonderful reminder of the glories and potency of Prasadam distribution. We look forward to serving Prasadam to many potential Prime Ministers in the future!

Source: http://www.dandavats.com/?p=93971

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