The land of the rising Sun, Japan, witnessed an ultimate slaughter by earth and water. It is most shocking to see nature's way of showing it's fury. Even a highly ranked country like Japan was reeling under its wrath.


This is most unfortunate and we pray to the Lord that they their souls may find Krishna soon.


How do the devotees view such disasters.


Below are some links I could find of some devotees who have shared their views on similar such disasters before.


His Holiness Bhakti Vikas Maharaj -

KC Perspective on Tsunami


His Holiness Radhanath Swami -

Prerna Hurricane or Harinaam HH Radhanath Swami 24-09-05


H.G Shankarsan Prabhu

SDAP Various - Saving Earth from Environmental Disaster - 2008-05-07 Kaunas Lithuania


H.G Kalakantha Prabhu -

2010-08-27 SB 01-08-25 - Dealing With Disaster - Kalakantha Pr ISKCON Gainesville


If I come across more lectures I will post acordingly.



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