The vaccines are far more deadly than the swine flu

Watchdog opposes fast-track vaccine for school children................................. The US government is intending to vaccinateall children in September when school re-opens, and the country’s vaccinewatchdog National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) has called on the ObamaAdministration and all state Governors to provide evidence that the move is [6]“necessary and safe”, demanding “strong mechanisms for vaccine safetyscreening, recording, monitoring, reporting and vaccine injury compensation.”
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  • I am not familiar with what ingredients are in vaccines. If I was knowledgeable, I would have better personal opinion whether benefits outweighed risks, or risks outweighed benefits. There is also to consider the situation of required/forced injections, individual choice, and how the greater group is affected in regards to physical health (both by vaccine benefit and damage) and how the greater group is affected by denial or permission of individual choice.

    Vaccines have done damage in our family.

    A beautiful son was born to me. He was growing very normally. He was developing normally. During the course of his childhood vaccines something happened. He was taken to the doctor for his vaccine injections, and soon after arriving back at home he began to have very strong diarrhea, and became quite ill, This had never happened to him before. Naturally I called the doctor about this. I was told this was one of several normal reactions to the vaccine, not to bring him back in, and if he were to start having breathing difficulties to take him to a hospital.

    I was very worried about him. He was sick and quiet for several days with flu-like symptoms. He never had breathing difficulties, but he seemed very tired and just wanted to stay in bed. He didn't want to eat, he didn't want to play.

    When the immediate sickness had passed, and he was awake and up, I realized my boy was changed.

    The way he acted -- was changed. He used to be one who loved to play, and had sparkle in his eyes. His eyes were now vacant, he stared for long periods, at nothing. He no longer made eye contact, with anyone. He didn't seem to understand when I spoke to him, or tried to play with him. He didn't play normally anymore. He stopped making any attempts to speak.

    I called the doctors over and over, but was told "perhaps mama worries too much", I heard over and over again that children all develop at their own rate, sometimes seeming to imply I was ignorant of this fact.

    There seemed nothing I could get doctors to do. At home I worked with him, myself singing his alphabet over and over to him; holding a crayon in his hand, and holding him up while I moved his arm for him and helped him to draw pictures. They seemed to be more my pictures than his, but he seemed to enjoy being held. I took him places, and brought him to other children, I showed him things, and placed him here and there, I placed him in the grass and I put a ball in his lap; when the children played with him they helped him walk up small hills. But he wouldn't roll the ball himself; his other toys I placed near him, but he didn't play with them.

    Every day, I cleaned his soiled bedding in the mornings, washed his soiled clothing, and held him up in a tub to be bathed (even when he was five years old). He didn't learn to speak. At age five, he once called out parts of his own name, and I cheered him, and held him, and cried.

    Something about the vaccines he was given that day caused this to happen to him. I was there with him. I watched as this unfolded, minute to minute. He was more advanced developmentally before he was given the vaccines. He lost what he had, and never regained it. Something about the vaccines he received that day took away the familiar way he had been and acted, and caused great damage to the way he was able to think.

    bhaktin carol

    note - I made corrections mainly due to wrong use of a word, in original comment
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