Today in Bhaktivedanta Manor, (Watford, London, UK) I bumped into  a young white gentleman and asked him if I could show him around Prabhupad's room. (Every Sunday I do the seva of tour).  He asked his mother and they both were ready for the  tour inside the temple building. They told me that the young man's grandmother, (from his father's side) whose name is Anandini devi dasi, who is very old and not well back in Russia, was one of the translators of Bhagawat Gita from English into Russian about 30 years ago in Russia. Both he and his mum knew  quite a lot about Krishna Consciousness being Anandini mataji one of their family members . But the young man's mother said she is a  Budhist.  The young man seemed quite positively receptive of Krishna consciousness but  admitted , "I  am not in Krishna consciousness and I am not out of it too."   During the tour, we entered Srila Prabhupad's rooms, (darshan room and bed room). Seeing me paying  obeisances to Srila Prabhupada, they also paid their obeisances to him.

After showing them Prabhupad's quarter, I took them to  Gaushala as they were also eager to see cows and I was also pleased to show them Krishna's cows.  It was already evening time and we felt quite cold walking outside to Gaushala.  The young man asked me if I was cold. I said I was. He immediately took out a woolen hat from his pocket. "May I offer you this".  My understanding is that they do not even chant Hare Krishna regularly.  His mum is a Budhist anyway and he said he is not actively practicing the Kirshna consciousness. But seeing his humility and service attitude touched me very deeply.  Although he said he is not "in Krishna Consciousness", he behaved like a pure Vaishnava devotee who cared more about other devotees than himself.

Upon their special offer or  requests, His Grace Madhurananda Prabhu and I recorded a short video by both of us each, which  would be shown to seventy seven year old Anandininin mataji when one of them gets back to Moscow in a couple of days time.

No matter where we are or what we are, under Srila Prabhupda's shelter in ISKCON, we are all one big family.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

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