The avatara came as Ramachandra
Scion to the dynasty of Raghukula
He is ever seen with Laxmi as Sita,
Laxman and Hanuman, His servitor

Maryada purushottam, the best of humans
Engaging with citizens, rsis and demons
Treated the needy and poor mercifully
Despatched rogues and demons swiftly

Rama spent fourteen years in desolation
With Laxman and Sita, in deportation
Separated from the luxuries of the city
Stoically enduring poverty and paucity

The demon Ravana fancied mother Sita
Kidnapped the one steeped in pativrata
While Sita repelled advances of Ravana
Hanuman found her, and Ram beset Lanka

Ravana spurned counsel for Sita’s return
Fought back, but his tactics were in vain
Many warriors on both sides lost their life
Ram slew Ravana and saved His dear wife

Exile over, Ram ruled Ayodhya kingdom
Reigning with grace, justice and wisdom
His life is a paragon of sacrifice and duty
His beatific pastimes validate His divinity

Often in this event filled historical narration
Rama seems unable to overcome His situation
The Lord appeared to be fallible, almost mortal
Though Krsna or Visnu is eternally immortal  !

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