The Mystery of Aliens and UFOs

The following incident took place in late 1940s. An Indian citizen named Durga Yadhav was suffering from typhoid since many weeks. One fine day his body temperature went very low, he became cold and this continued for several hours. The doctor and his family members thought he was dead. But to everyones amazement Durga Yadhav came back to life again and shared an extraordinary experience with his family. He said when he was lying on the bed, one time 10 strange men  came to him. They pulled him forcefully to take him to some place. When to tried to escape, they cut his legs. Then he was taken to a place where there were more 40 to 50 more men. Those men after scanning through some papers understood that they brought the wrong person. They asked Yadhav to go back, then he showed them his cut legs. They then brought him some pairs of such cut legs and Durga Yadhav identified his own. His legs were attatched like before. Those people then brought him back and made him enter his material body. During the time this incident took place Durga Yadhav's body was left on the bed but his real self covered by the gross body came out and experienced thw whole incident. When he came back to his consciousness he saw his sister and other relatives, and told them that his legs were cut. They noticed that really there was deep wound on his both legs. In the year 1979, in Yadhav's x-ray report as well this mark was found on his legs but in his next x-ray in 1981 no such marks were seen. From the above incident we understand that any impact on the self hidden within our this body can be experienced by the material body as well. Other than this a scientist named Ian stevenson carried out experiments on 200 children who due to some incident of their previous life had birthmarks or some other relevent truth have been discovered in their present life. Ian Stevenson and an Indian scientist experimted the NDE experience of more 16 people like Durga Yadhav and Mangal Singh. It is observed that there is a lot similarity in the incident that look place in Indian subcontient and the Western world. When a person is a victim of some different animals or aliens, can be affected both menatlly and physically. Also he can have the experience of exploring some other place, out of this planet, in some other body other than this material body. But where is the solution of the mystery of aliens or UFOs? According to vedic literature, every living entity takes rebirth and the soul after death leaves one body and enters the new one. In Srimad Bhagawat Gita, Bhagwan Sri krishna said to Arjuna, just like the way we change old dress and wear new one, similarly the living entity after death leaves the old body and accepts a new body. Most often the incident of aliens took place when death is to approach. From the vedic literature, it is known that living entity has another body other than the material body called subtle body. After death according to the person's karma he enjoy or suffer the fruitive results. Also according to vedic literature, the record of our fruitive reaction is saved by the Yamraj. The representative of Yamraj is called Yamduta. After the death of the people the Yamdutas take their subtle body to Yamloka. In the Yamloka, all the arrangements are made to reward or punish them according to the results of theirs karma. In Srimad Bhagavatam, all this events are very clearly and elaborately explained. Therefore the theory of aliens matches a lot with information provided in the vedic literature. We call the Yamdutas aliens because they are also some odd unusual living creatures as mentioned in the Sastras. After the alien attack, the victim faces same different experience either on his subtle or directly on his material body. Even in the vedic literature such incidents are mentioned previously. It is described in the Bhagavat Puran about some extraordinary methods through which any person can come out of his material gross body as a subtle body and can enter other persons body in the form of a soul.

According to Mahabharata, a king named Kalmosha pada (sounds something like that) one time argued with a muni named Shakti.  Shakti cursed the King that he will become a man eater. When the king returned to his kingdom, a muni named Vishamitra ordered a demon to attack the king. Because of Shakti muni's curse  the demon was able to enter in to the heart of the king and was successful in controlling him. Next, the king started to eat human beings one after the other because of the demon within. Often when a person is in extream spiritual or religious consciousness, in such a situation also many extraordinary incidents are observed. Naraottama thakura always used to contemplate that in Goloka Vrindavan he performed many spiritual service.  Oneday in his meditation he saw that he was boiling milk for the Supreme personality of Godhead Sri Krishna. There is a initimate relation between the Lord and His devotees. When he was in extream God consciousness he wanted to check whether the milk was hot or not. He dipped his fingure in the hot milk and burned his hand. Afterward, when his meditation was distracted he discovered that, really his finger was burnt.

Other than this, ondeay vaisnav acarya Srinivasa thakur meditated that he offered a beautiful flower garland unto the neck of Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Delighted by this, Mahaprabhu put the  garland unto Srinivasa thakura's neck. When he regain his consciousness, he saw that the beautiful garland that mahaprabhu gave him was still on his neck.

By understanding the vedic sastras properly and deeply it is easier to understand the concept of aliens. As the solution to all the problems are mentioned in the vedic sastras. Hare Krishna

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