I was distributing at the Los Angeles Trade-Technical College, and, as usual, was stopping people by asking, “Did you get one yet?”

A student stopped and said, to my surprise, “Yeah, man, I have these books. Krishna is my Lord and Master.”

I asked him, “Which one of these books did you read to come to that conclusion?”

He pointed to the “Journey of Self Discovery” and said, “That book changed my life. I actually found it on the ground about two years ago, and when I read it, I was convinced that Krsna is supreme and it is our duty to serve Him. I gave it to my friend, a complete atheist, and after he read it, he said that there is a God, He is a person, and His name is Krsna.”

I gave him a “Sri Isopanisad” as a gift of gratitude and got his contact information for the Mantra House and invited him to start coming.

Prabhupada book’s are completely mystical. Any open-hearted reader is guaranteed immense spritual benefit. All glories to Srila Prabhupada and the brhad-mridanga!

Your servant,
Deva Vrata Dasa

Source: https://www.iskconbookdistribution.com/the-immense-power-of-srila-prabhupadas-books/

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