10933606892?profile=RESIZE_584xHere is how the funds have been used:
By Doyal Gauranga Dasa
A complete solar power plant was already unloaded at New Mayapur yesterday. Tomorrow we start installation. We plan to install in a week. This station will provide all our emergency needs (water, heat, sewerage, communications). It will also become the basis of an autonomous system, where biogas generators and bulls will eventually be connected.
The biogas plant is already in operation, but without the equipment, which should arrive from China in the second half of January. This will make it possible to include it in the overall system.
As for the third delivery, this is a generator on bulls. It has just now been paid.
And all these three things (a bull-powered generator, solar panels and fuel generator) will give us practically energy independence. We will have different generation sources, which, with the help of smart inverters that came with the power plant, will correctly switch, recharge storage tanks, batteries and provide uninterrupted power even during a long absence of light. And in the summer, in addition to powerful kitchen appliances and heating boilers, they will also feed the rest of the infrastructure. That is, we will practically be energy independent.

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