Story of Lord Krishna

Story of Lord Krishna - SRIMAD BHAGAVATA by Krsna-Dwaipayana Vyasa

Lord Krsna Shows the Universal Form Within His Mouth

1. One day while Krsna was playing with His small playmates, including Balarama and other sons of the gopas, all His friends came together and lodged a complaint to mother Yasoda. "Mother," they submitted, "Krsna has eaten earth."

2. Upon hearing this from Krsna's playmates, mother Yasoda, who was always full of anxiety over Krsna's welfare, picked Krsna up with her hands to look into His mouth and chastise Him. Her eyes fearful, she spoke to her son as follows.

3. Dear Krsna, why are You so restless that You have eaten dirt in a solitary place? This complaint has been lodged against You by all Your playmates, including Your elder brother, Balarama. How is this?

4. Lord Sri Krsna replied: My dear mother, I have never eaten dirt. All My friends complaining against Me are liars. If you think they are being truthful, you can directly look into My mouth and examine it.

5. Mother Yasoda challenged Krsna, "If You have not eaten earth, then open Your mouth wide." When challenged by His mother in this way, Krsna, the son of Nanda Maharaja and Yasoda, to exhibit pastimes like a human child, opened His mouth. Although the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krsna, who is full of all opulences, did not disturb His mother's parental affection, His opulence was automatically displayed, for Krsna's opulence is never lost at any stage, but is manifest at the proper time.

6. When Krsna opened His mouth wide by the order of mother Yasoda, she saw within His mouth all moving and nonmoving entities, outer space, and all directions, along with mountains, islands, oceans, the surface of the earth, the blowing wind, fire, the moon and the stars. She saw the planetary systems, water, light, air, sky, and creation by transformation of ahankara. She also saw the senses, the mind, sense perception, and the three qualities goodness, passion and ignorance. She saw the time allotted for the living entities, she saw natural instinct and the reactions of karma, and she saw desires and different varieties of bodies, moving and nonmoving. Seeing all these aspects of the cosmic manifestation, along with herself and Vrndavana-dhama, she became doubtful and fearful of her son's nature.

7. [Mother Yasoda began to argue within herself:] Is this a dream, or is it an illusory creation by the external energy? Has this been manifested by my own intelligence, or is it some mystic power of my child?

8. Therefore let me surrender unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead and offer my obeisances unto Him, who is beyond the conception of human speculation, the mind, activities, words and arguments, who is the original cause of this cosmic manifestation, by whom the entire cosmos is maintained, and by whom we can conceive of its existence. Let me simply offer my obeisances, for He is beyond my contemplation, speculation and meditation. He is beyond all of my material activities.

9. It is by the influence of the Supreme Lord's maya that I am wrongly thinking that Nanda Maharaja is my husband, that Krsna is my son, and that because I am the queen of Nanda Maharaja, all the wealth of cows and calves are my possessions and all the cowherd men and their wives are my subjects. Actually, I also am eternally subordinate to the Supreme Lord. He is my ultimate shelter.

10. Mother Yasoda, by the grace of the Lord, could understand the real truth. But then again, the supreme master, by the influence of the internal potency, yogamaya, inspired her to become absorbed in intense maternal affection for her son.

11. Immediately forgetting yogamaya's illusion that Krsna had shown the universal form within His mouth, mother Yasoda took her son on her lap as before, feeling increased affection in her heart for her transcendental child.

12. The glories of the Supreme Personality of Godhead are studied through the three Vedas, the Upanisads, the literature of Sankhya-yoga, and other Vaisnava literature, yet mother Yasoda considered that Supreme Person her ordinary child.

13. Thus the Supreme Personality, Krsna, along with Balarama, lived in Vrajabhumi, Vrndavana. By exhibiting different pastimes in His childhood, He increased the transcendental pleasure of Nanda and the other inhabitants of Vrndavana.
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  • Hare Krishna, The reason why Krsna asked his Yoga Shakti Maha Maya to delete the memory of Mother Yashoda about what she saw in Krsna's mouth (the Universe) is that Lord Krsna wanted himself to feel the love of a Mother just like an ordinary child would be loved. This love would definitely have been surpassed had she remembered Krsna to be Parabrahma. Krsna wanted to enjoy beautiful pastimes with his Gopa friends, Nand Baba, and Yashoda mata, Gopis and every body in Vraja. It is the Kripa of Lord that even after so many years, we still are enjoying so much just by hearing about them. It can not be imagined what pleasure the Vraja Vaasies would have received by actually taking part in the Drama with my Lord Krsna.
  • all glories to Bala Krsna ki ...jay....
  • thank u very much mataji, you are great devotee as i understand from your writtings. please accept my humble dandavats
  • jai shree radhe ...radhe ...radhe.....shyam
  • hari! hari

    hari! hari! what a wonderful situation for a mother to see the universal on little krishna's little mouth.what a mercy on yashoda mata.

  • Hare Krishna Mataji... very wonderful!! Haribol!!
  • Hare Krishna .... Nice
  • Radhe Radhe maate...............sri krsna is ultimte............i cannot or describe sri krsna with my impure words coming out of my impure tongue.............hey kanha please just bless me once so that i can become pure.........
  • Simply superb! In one lila, you have brought down everything of life,yogamaya,feelings we should have as we are insignificant and surrender to the Lord Sri Krishna, Excellent mathaji.

    Hari Bol! Hari Bol! Hari Bol!
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