(Prayers to Sri Radha)

1. O girl whose eyes are restless as khanjana birds, seeing You with an embrace, with kissing Your head, and with many loving glances, loved by the queen of Vraja as if You were her own daughter, will I celebrate a great festival of transcendental bliss in my heart?

2. O friend, within my sight will Queen Radha with You decorate Her beloved with flower ornaments in a forest cottage by the shore of Her lake?

3. O beautiful one, hearing from the parrot Vicaksana of Your rendezvous with the prince of Vraja, will I happily decorate You with elegant garments, flower earrings, and necklaces?

4. O queen, when will I decorate the splendid doorway with garlands of many flowers filled with buzzing bees and with many splendid pictures of Kama drawn in kunkuma? O moon-faced girl, when will I decorate the bed in the cottage named Madananandada with networks of flowers?

5. Will I see You, Your eyebrows knitted and Your eyes burning with pride as Lord Madhusudana, the crown on the heads of expert jesters, stops You near Govardhana Hill on the pretext of collecting a toll?

6. O sweet, moon-faced girl, when will we see the new pastimes You enjoy with the Lord of Your life and with Your friends at Your sweet lake filled everywhere with the humming of intoxicated bees, the cooing of birds, and hosts of splendid, blossoming lotuses?

7. O girl with the beautiful thighs, when will Lord Krishna, who floods me with an ocean of bliss, happily decorate You with many kinds of flowers on the splendid lake shore crowded with blossoming flowers and forests full of humming bees?

8. As Her limbs blossom with happiness, will my queen's hair, decorated by jubilant, trembling Lord Hari with many types of slightly blossomed flowers, many large gunjas, and many splendid peacock feathers, all hastily brought by a certain happy girl, bring bliss to my eyes?

9. O girl with the beautiful face, seeing Lord Madhava struck with a lotus flower by intoxicated You in a flurry of amorous pastimes, will I try to hide the smile on my face?

10. When, O girl with the beautiful face, as You sing sweet love songs with the prince of Vraja, Your splendid graceful shoulder embraced by His long arms and He embraced by Your beautiful arms, will You give me transcendental bliss?

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  • Jai Jai Shree Radhey.............
  • Very Nice. Thank You Very Much for Posting. Jay Sri Radhe.
  • Glory and more glory to the pastime of the supreme personality of God ..

  • this transcendental love is essence of whole universe
  • Hare Krishna ! Who is saying or praying to whom and what is required as an introduction. Please add it.
  • Radhe Radhe maataji ................beautifull
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