Sri Radha-rasa-sudha-nidhi

Srila Prabodhananda Sarasvati's
Sri Radha-rasa-sudha-nidhi
(The Nectar Moon of Sri Radha's Sweetness)

1. May Sri Radha who, when Her dearmost Krsna tells Her, "O beautiful, eternal lover, O wise treasure of nectar, O beloved, I pray that My love for You will always grow stronger and stronger.", smiles and replies to Him, "O lover, Your words stay always in My heart.", be always splendidly manifested in my thoughts.

2. May the effulgent youthful divine couple, who eternally enjoy blissful passionate amorous pastimes in a newly-blossoming vine cottage in Vrndavana forest, with the cooling nectar of Their feet extinguish for me the terrible flames that are the world of birth and death.

3. May my tongue tremble with the desire to taste the nectar of Radha-s name. My feet follow Her footprints in Vrndavana forest. May my hands work to please Her. May my heart meditate on Her feet. May I celebrate a great festival of love for the Lord of Her life.

4. May my heart become less interested in the great bliss at Lord Krsna's beautiful lotus feet, a bliss that makes Siva and all the demigods wild with joy. Instead, may my heart, tossed to and fro by the nectar waves of the talk of Sri Radha's pastimes, happily stay on the terrace of Sri Radha's palace in Vrndavana forest.

5. Chant the holy name of Radha every day. Reject millions of other great spiritual practices. Millions of the best goals of life perform arati to the nectar at Radha's lotus feet. Millions of noble mandara trees are glorious in the land where Radha's lotus feet enjoys pastimes. Millions of wonderful spiritual perfections roll at the feet of Sri Radha's maidservants.

6. Glory to the youthful divine couple, who, Their eyes wild and restless, and Their eyebrows tossed to and fro by millions of waves of nectar of love, enjoy wonderful and amorous pastimes in the forest.

7. May a certain girl, whose form is the sweetest nectar of pure love, who is expert in the splendid limitless, wonderful, and sweet arts of love, and who, in a palace of blossoming vines in Vrndavana forest stands motionless, caught in the tight embrace of Lord Krsna's arms, appear before me.

8. He is very fortunate who, unaware of the many worlds, unaware of the scriptures, unaware of family, and unaware of the activities of the great saints, knows only the nectar of love that resides in Sri Radha, the jewel of Vraja.

9. Some talk only of the happiness of impersonal Brahman. Others are wild with the bliss of offering prayers to the Supreme Person. Others taste the peerless bliss of being Krsna's friend. Still, Sri Radha's maidservants taste the highest, most wonderful bliss, the bliss found in a single particle of the splendour of the glistening toenails of Her lotus feet.

10. Neither the demigods headed by Brahma, nor the devotees of Lord Hari, nor the Lord's friends and other associates know the secrets of Radha and Krsna. Alas! Alas! I hope for what is so difficult to attain. I yearn to become Their maidservant and see Their pastimes with my own eyes.
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  • I do want to see Their pastimes with my own eyes. Jai Sri Radhe!
  • Radhe Radhe maataji .......................beautifullllllll...............Radhe Radhe..............
  • Hare Krsna
    Frankly I don't find myself capable or eligible to view or even imagine leave aside fantacize about my Lord Krsna and Radhe Rani' love pastimes. I don't find anything in article which will take me nearer to Radhe Rani and Krsna. The article smells of a materialist longing for love. I am not offending anyone. Heartfelt excusees.
  • Radhe Radhe!

    Mathaji, I have a doubt, Why Vyasadeva has never mentioned even the name of Srimathi Radhe, even once in the bhagavatham, he has mentioned only as Queen of Gopis at some places, you have any Idea!

    Please explain.

  • beautiful ..............mataji
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