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I know you all feel like you want to help with what's going on in Ukraine. Our Hare Krishna movement has an ISKCON temple in Lviv, Ukraine currently serving as a refugee centre. I want to share with you some information so that you can get involved in this important support program. Below is content taken from Share Your Care regarding Ukrainian Krishna devotees needing our help in Lviv. I will include the link to the site at the bottom of this entry for more information.

"Both Share Your Care team and Lviv Yatra are extremely grateful to ISKCON Canada for adopting the Lviv Yatra.

The Lviv yatra has played a unique role for Ukrainian devotees. Located on the western border of Ukraine, it hosted hundreds of devotees who were forced to flee their homes in the north, east and south of the country. This yatra provided emergency care to Vaisnavas. It did it especially in the first weeks of the war when there was a massive influx of Ukrainian citizens crossing the border with Poland. It was cold and people had sometimes been traveling for several days before reaching Lviv. The Vaisnavas launched a grand-scale Food For Life program. 200,000 portions of prasadam have been distributed to those in need. To this day, the FFL team is still rendering this service. They go to cities which are being shelled.

Despite the fact that the Lviv temple is under construction, it hosts 35-50 devotees. So far Share Your Care fund has been transferring USD 2000 to the yatra monthly. It has been enough to cover monthly bhoga and utility bills. You can find Vasuttama Prabhu’s report about Lviv yatra in this inspiring video:

We encourage you to share your care with this wonderful yatra. We will help you to communicate with the devotees directly. You will be able to get to know their needs first hand and share the joy of serving Srila Prabhupada’s mission with them.”


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