During the questions and answers sessions, I read the following quotes from Caitanya Bhagavata. When I was asked for the references, I said I would post them in a blog. For those who are interested, here they are:

Sri Caitanya Bhagavata, Madhya Khanda, Chapter Five

TEXT 140-141

vaisnava-himsara katha se thakuka dure
sahaja jivere ye adhama pida kare

visnu pujiya o ye prajara pida kare
puja o nisphale yaya, ara duhkhe mare

What to speak of being envious of the Vaisnavas, if one causes pain to ordinary living entities he is considered a fallen low-class person. Even after worshiping Lord Visnu, if a person gives trouble to other living entities, his worship becomes fruitless. Such a person suffers unlimited miseries.
If a person is knowingly or unknowingly envious of a Vaisnava who is engaged in the nonduplicitous service of Lord Hari, his degradation is inevitable. Of this there is no doubt. Apart from this, if even persons claiming to be devotees of Visnu are envious of ordinary living entities and give various troubles to them, they are actually far away from devotional service to Visnu and are not fit to be called human beings. Their worship of Visnu becomes the source of misery. Those endowed with an absense of jive-daya, or compassion for other living entities, and yet proudly consider themselves servants of Lord Visnu achieve the threefold miseries rather than the devotional service of the Lord.

Sri Caitanya Bhagavata, Madhya Khanda, Chapter 19

207-Text 208
“Everyone please give your thoughts to Me. Please hear the truth I will now say. Anyone who neglects My servant and then worships Me is very lowly and degraded. Such a person cuts Me into pieces. His worship is like fire burning My body.
Text 209
“My holy name, which is a kalpa-vrksa tree, destroys anyone who once blasphemes My servant.
Text 210
“The living entities who live in the numberless universes are all My servants. Therefore any living entity who harms another living entity will perish.
Text 211
“You are more dear to Me than My own body. Anyone who offends You will not be able to bear the fate that waits for him.
Text 212
“If a sannyasi blasphemes an innocent person, the sannyasi will fall down. All his piety will perish.”
Text 213
Raising His arms, fair Lord Caitanya declared to the entire world, “Renouncing criticism of others, everyone please chant Lord Krsna’s name.
Text 214
“I will personally deliver anyone who does not criticize others and who once chants `Krsna!’ That is the truth. It is the truth.”
Text 215
When Lord Caitanya spoke these words, the devotees responded with “Jaya! Jaya! Jaya!”

Source: http://www.dandavats.com/?p=31697

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