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Hare krsna Prabhus,
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

My wife Bhaktin Shannon and I were moving from our base in Arkansas to New Vrindavan. After a few hours of driving, we decided to take a break and take advantage of a local mall in the suburbs of St. Louis to distribute some books and Prasadam. It was 9pm. We noticed most of the people were milling around the Starbucks on the corner. We struck up a conversation with the two ladies behind the counter, mentioning how we like to cook and share what we make with others. The conversation evolved into Krsna conscious philosophy and the New Vrindavan community.

They were excited to accept a variety of cookies, sweet balls & books. They even offered to give us free drinks. While Teresa set us up with some hot milk, Faith offered us a $10 donation for a Higher Taste, Intro to Gita, and Krsna, Reservoir of Pleasure pamphlet. We then offered another set of books to Teresa, who offered us $6. Upon returning to the car, we wanted to share with them some special Prasadam we had prepared, so Shannon brought that to them and Faith donated another $10. We took their emails and immediately wrote to them once we got in the car (thanks to the iPhone). The combination of their mood, their names, & the blissful exchange enlivened us on our journey. There are generous people everywhere in the world waiting for devotees to approach them with Prasadam & books. Just stop by your local mall or anywhere else and share the mercy!

Your servants,

Arya-siddhanta dasa (DG) & Bhaktin Shannon

Rupanuga Vedic College

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