Sankirtan- The Prime benediction!


Why is Sankirtan the prime benediction of this age?
Every day morning, after Mangla Arthi, Srila Prabhupada quote will be read! Being book marathon month, to inspire and motivate devotees to push the book distribution, we read Srila Prabhupada quote on book distribution.

Today’s quote is a beautiful letter to German disciples in the month of May 1977, where Srila Prabhupada explains how much blessings is showered even when one simply touches and sees it, what to speak of reading, distributing and contirbuting to Krishna’s Service!
In two days, Gita Jayanthi ( 8 Dec) celebrations will take place, on the auspicious day of Mokshada Ekadashi. Join the Marathon, help us distributing Srila Prabhupada’s books to rural areas, tribal villages, pilgrims to Mayapur.
You can sponsor as many Bhagavad Gitas as you desire. We will offer a puja to Sri Narasimhadeva on Mokshada Ekadashi day for your welfare.
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