Hare Krishna,

Please accept our humble obeisances. All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Indian Government and Russian Government has come up with a scheme of receiving a miss call on +91 8030636341 to check out how many worldwide support to stop the demolishing the temple in Russia.

Hence we request you to give a miss call on +91 8030636341 to show your support. The call will automatically disconnect and you will receive a message thanking you for the support. Please do it as soon as possible.

* We have very less time. Your one miss call can bring a lot of change*

Mail, Whats App, Tweet, Msg, Post the no +918030636341 to as many as possible.

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  • Hare Krishna dear devotees,

    This doesn't make any sense.  Why would the Governments of either Russia or India need a milllion mis-calls before they can understand that it is immoral and indecent to destroy an International Society's place of worship in any country?
    It sounds like a simple but effective ploy to misdirect the society's attentions to a trivial form of action.  Dare we become fooled by such a ploy?
    What stops them from ignoring the results of the misss calls?
    Besides, I called the phone number in question: +918030636341 and my call was not answered, nor did I get any message on the line thanking me for my entry as the message suggests.  But even then, as I said, this sounds like nothing less than a ploy to redirect the ISKCON International congrigation attention from real serious action.
    We should instead put more direct pressure on the Indian public, and the Indian and Russian Government, by way of staging protest marches outside their embassies around the world in protest.  This should be carefully coordinated by GBCs around the world.  And we should think up other more serious forms of protest, and seek help of other humanitarian organizations with International clout.  Radio stations, TV and other public media which carry maximum audience should be targeted. Money should be raised by ISKCON in a coordinated way for such promotions. The public needs to be encouraged to support and act, and our ISKCON management should drive these initiatives on various levels.
    This miss-call idea is a ludicrous ploy.
    Hare Krishna.

  • Save Prabhupadas iskcon temples and help saving the world from going into darkest hell. Prabhupada says that without Krishna consciousness this civilization is animal civilization and no more than that. Any ways the Krishna consciousness movement donot harm any one even a bit, but it helps all the devotees and aspiring devotees of Lord so much about which we all have experienced our selves.

    Please help saving iskcon temples and spreading Krishna consciousness (krishna's message)

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