By Yogapati Das and Daya Hladini Devi Dasi

As we reflect on the past month, on behalf of the Russian Speaking Yatra in London we are excited to share some of the wonderful highlights and activities that have kept us engaged and inspired in Krishna Consciousness from February to March.

Here is the short overview listed below:

1. Home Programs: We had the pleasure of hosting four home programs, where we enjoyed delicious prasadam, Krishna katha, and uplifting kirtan. One program was particularly mesmerizing, as devotees performed Giriraj abhishek, deepening our spiritual connection and devotion.

2. Exciting News: Margarita, one of our devoted members, won an award in the “Best Social Clip for Kids” category. Congratulations to Margarita for this well-deserved recognition!

3. Continued Studies: Our commitment to spiritual growth remained strong with ongoing Bhakti Shastri courses, reading clubs with Jambavati Mataji, and daily morning Japa Zoom sessions for Matajis. These opportunities for learning and reflection are invaluable to our spiritual journey.

4. Sunday Programs: We upheld our commitment to weekly meetings and we were honored to host special guest this month, Praphupada Deciple – Sakshi Gopal Prabhu.

Sakshi Gopal Prabhu graciously delivered a lecture and led a Harinam after the program, enriching our spiritual experience and spreading the mercy of Krishna to us and others.

5. Yatra Heads Meeting: Our Russian-speaking yatra heads gathered for a productive meeting last month, where we discussed two lines of leadership-administrative and spiritual-and how they operate within our community. These discussions are essential for ensuring effective leadership and coordination within our sanga.

6. Mentor Meetings: Our mentor meetings for Matajis and Prabhus continued to provide guidance and inspiration for the devotees.

Matajis are currently reading “The Nectar of the Holy Name” by Sacinandana Swami, while Prabhus discussed the importance of adopting an attitude of the servant of the servant, based on a presentation by one of our enthusiastic devotee.

Attached to this email, you will find pictures capturing the essence of our Sunday programs and the special moments shared during our other gatherings and activities.

These small accomplishments reflect our collective dedication to Srila Praphupada’s mission and we hope to continue to serve Radha Londonisvara and ISKCON London in the best possible way.

Source: http://www.dandavats.com/?p=112444

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