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Registrations for the Online VIHE Govardhana Retreat 2021 are now open! Register here: http://www.bit.ly/govardhanaretreat  More info: https://vihe.org/retreats/index.html

The schedule will be announced shortly. The retreat is free of charge but it would be great if you could help to cover the organizing costs by donating according to your means. Donation information is available in the registration form. If you have any questions, write to retreats@vihe.org.

Speakers include:

Sacinandana Swami "Life Lessons From the Govardhana Lila" and Invaluable Teachings of Giridhari Krishna for Meeting the Challenges of Life" 

Bhurijana Das "A Beggar's Precious Gifts" and "Hidden Wealth in Sudama's Journey to Dwarka"

Jagattarini Dasi "Vraja's Sacred Forests: The Trees Want to Tell their Stories"

Madhavananda Dasa " Giriraja - The Ultimate Team Player" and "Sri Sri Govardhana-vasa-prarthana-dasakam, Verse 9"

Source: https://iskconnews.org/online-vihe-govardhana-retreat-2021,7636/

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