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Rath Yatra at ISKCON New Orleans



Dear devotees, Hare Krishna.
Please accept our very humble obeisances at your lotus feet. all glories to Srila Prabhpada.

We are greatly pleased to announce that this year our New Orleans Rath Yatra festival will be held on Nov 12th and 13th.(sat/sun).

On behalf of ISKCON NEW ORLEANS, we humbly request all the devotees and well wishers to come to this great festival of Chariot and festival of India.

we are also equally honoured and blessed that this year,for the very first time, H.H BHAKTI CARU SWAMI, H.H BIR KRISHNA GOSWAMI, H.H BHAKTI MARG SWAMI are coming to New Orleans esspecially for OUR RATH YATRA. ALL GLORIES TO THEM. MAHARAJAS KI JAI HO,JAI HO,JAI HO....

This is not it, H.G SURDAS PR, H.G TITIKSHAVA KARUNIKA PR,H.G NIRANTAR PR are coming with thier bands.

MAHARAJAS WILL GIVE CLASSES and their associations. H.H Bhakti Marg Swami is going to perform play on 12th/13th Nov. Maharaj is famous for his plays around the world.

For our Indian community,we are bringing saregamapa (Hindi and Marathi) winner,shri Salil Bhadekar from India.He will sing nice Hindi bhajans.He will accomanied by pandit G.S Chandra and Dexter R on Tabla.

We have limited number of complimentary,quality hotel rooms on a first come first serve basis for devotees coming for RATH YATRA FESTIVAL and FESTIVAL OF MERCY.Registration is only $10 per person.(which include your pre-booked accomadation for 11th/12th/13th Nov.)Please register ASAP.


Please contact us ASAP.we are anxious to serve all the Vaishnavas and give them a wonderful experience to put New Orleans Rath Yatra on your Calender and help Lord jagannath raise the roof in "BIG EASY". Pack you bags,get in the car or plane and head on over to NEW ORLEANS. WE'LL DO THE REST!!!!! COME TO BIG EASY.....

Your Servant,
Rohininandan das- 504-931-4090,Shradhadeva Das-504-343-8492,Sarvataraka Das- 504-975-9960



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