Rama Navami Celebration at ISKCON Kathwada

On the 25th March 2018 ISKCON Kathwada celebrated the first Ramnavami Festival (Appearance day of Lord Ramchandra). Decorated deities, Chappan Bhoga and Abhisheka was the main attraction of the festival.

In the Srimad Bhagavatam Lord himself say (SB 11.29.11 & 1.11.13):

prthak satrea vä mahyam


kärayed gita-nrtyädyair



Either alone or in public gatherings, with singing, dancing and other exhibitions of royal opulence, one should arrange to celebrate those holy days, ceremonies and festivals set aside specially for My worship.




antaù pratihatätapäm


The city gateway, the household doors and festooned arches along the roads were all nicely decorated with festive signs like plantain trees and mango leaves, all to welcome the Lord. Flags, garlands and painted signs and slogans all combined to shade the sunshine.

Purport: Signs of decoration in special festivals were also collected from the gifts of nature, such as the plantain trees, the mango trees, fruits and flowers. Mango trees, coconut palms and plantain trees are still accepted as auspicious signs. The flags mentioned above were all painted with the picture of either Garuda or Hanumän, the two great servitors of the Lord. For devotees, such paintings and decorations are still adored, and the servitor of the master is paid more respects for the satisfaction of the Lord.

As explain in the Srimad Bhagavatam this is the traditional system of all ISKCON Temple to celebrate festival in a very opulent way to worship The Lord.

Temple was decorated with Asopalava Leaves, Gajaraj Grass and Flowers, Colorfull Clothes to show the Village and Farm atmosphere for all the daily visitors of temple.

“One should (23) attend ärati and festivals, see the Deity, present what is very dear to oneself to the Deity, meditate on the Deity, and serve those related to the Lord. (CC. Madhya. 22.124) Devotees prepared Chappan Bhoga for the pleasure of the Lord Ramachandra.

As already mentioned, in this age of Kali the simple performance of Sankirtana Yagna —the holding of festivals as initiated by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness—should be introduced in every town and village. (Purport:4.18.13) Ramanavami Festival was celebrated in an opulence way, ecstatic Kirtan was performed by the temple devotees and everyone participated to chant the Holly name of Krishna.

More the 700 people visited the temple to have blessings of Lord Ramachandra, arrangement of Arati offering and Jhula was set to engage all of them in the service of the Lord. During the Abhishek all they offered they prayers and Arati to The Lord and then the Abhiheka Jala (Charnamrita) was distributed to all of them which was very test for all. Along with Sandhya arati and afert that a wonderful Dance Play of Ramayana was Performed by Mittal Varu Ghungharu Group’s Little girls and a Darama Performance was by IYF Devotees which entertained all the visitors. At the end all are honored a very sumptuous Prasadam and was invited for the upcoming festival of Nrisimha Chaturdashi on the 29th of April.

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