ISKCON Chennai has organised an online summer course for children on the theme – Covil 10 – Ten Temples of India (The Tamil word for temple is Covil). It’s going very well. The course will stretch to 30 days.

It’s very simple to do this course. Marketing happens with devotees forwarding news about the course to their friends, relatives and colleagues on social media. After children register, all you need to do is create a WhatsApp group and post the materials. One dedicated person is enough to handle it.

This is a very good method of outreach especially at this time when children are locked in. It will also help you raise funds for your temple. We are taking a registration fee of thousand rupees per child here in Chennai. Since the parents wanted, we are doing online sessions also. We have registered two hundred children in Chennai.

The program has been extended to children of Mayapur for free. We are very happy to hear that the 50 children of the SMIS are really enjoying the program and their parents are very happy.

These are the features of the program.
1. Mangalacharan prayers
2. Hare Krishna Japa (each of the 26 videos encourages the children to chant by giving one glory of Hari Nama in very simple terms)
3. Story (theme is “Covil 10” – Ten temples of India)
4. Bhajan
5. Drawing based on the story
6. Craft connected to the story
7. Quiz connected to the story

Please contact me if you are interested in doing this program and in using these materials. Just connect your children preaching leader with me. Thank you.

In your service,
Tarini Radha Devi Dasi.

Read more: http://www.dandavats.com/?p=85555

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