9928221292?profile=RESIZE_584xA message from Ambarisa and Braja Vilasa Prabhhu:
Celebrating 5 Anniversaries in 1 Festival
Braja Vilasa prabhu announces the celebration of the Radha Madhava Golden Jubilee Festival, a 4-day festival from March 2-5, 2022 observing the anniversaries of five important events in ISKCON Mayapur and ISKCON history:
• 50th Anniversary of Chota Radha Madhava’s Installation
• 50th Anniversary of the ISKCON Mayapur Gaur Purnima Festival
• 50th Anniversary of Prabhupada Laying the TOVP Cornerstone
• 50th Anniversary of Jananivas Prabhu as Mayapur Head Pujari
• 100th Anniversary of Prabhupada Receiving Bhaktisiddhanta’s Order
Sponsor an Abhisheka for Radha Madhava or a Paschatya Desha Tarine Medallion to honor Srila Prabhupada.

Source: https://www.mayapur.com/2021/radha-madhava-golden-jubilee-festival-march-2-5-2022/

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