Preparing Our Minds & Hearts For 2020


Take sometime to think about all the things you wanted to do in 2019 and is still undone.

 Think about the state of your mental and emotional well-being at the end of 2019. Are you happy about it or do you want to change it for good as you enter 2020?
Think about the spiritual advancement you have made in 2019. Do you think you could have advanced much more than you presently have?
How do you want to see yourself placed at the end of 2020
Let these questions act as catalysts and springboard for our thought process so that, we enter the year 2020 with razor sharp focus, unwavering clarity, passionate purpose and unending zeal to upgrade every aspect of our life like never before, break all dis empowering barriers that are holding us down and thus make 2020 a hallmark year in the journey of our life.

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  • i want to be ever earning krishna devotee spreading krishna consciousness where ever krishna sends me with what ever realations he provides me. Hare krishna, let krishna make the journey of the souls connected to me to lead a remarkable life in 2020. have a wonderful krishna conciousness 2020, happy new year 2020 and ahead
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