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I came accross the following poem by complete chance - absolutely beautiful!

From an early age, Lord Krishna stole butter
In Gokul, he always did create a flutter
He broke earthen pots with a flourish
For the Lord, there was no need of cup or dish

The village of Gokul was surrounded by meadows
Around Mount Govardhan and its shadows
The Yamuna swept past in slow undulation
The pastures green with verdant vegetation

The cows and calves frolicked all day with Lord Krishna,
Their friends, the gopals, the gopis, and Lord Balarama
The cows of Gokul gave forth milk in plenty
For all the folks, there was peace and prosperity

The gopis and damsels of Gokul
Always had their pots full
Of milk and curds and cream
Like an idyll, as in a dream

While walking along, the gopis looked here and there
To see if the Lord was hiding nearby anywhere
Lord Krishna used a sling shot
To make a hit on the selected pot

The pot shattered to the ground
The butter thief and His friends collected around
While the gopis fled from the spot
In case Lord Krishna took another potshot

Why were the gopis’ pots always full ?
Why this bounty so benign and plentiful ?
Why were the children so happy and pleased ?
Why were the folks so carefree and satisfied ?

Why was the breeze so laden with scent ?
Why were the clouds so lazy and indolent ?
Why did the dawn bring its promise with rosy light ?
To bring forth another day, so sublime and bright ?

Why were the cows and calves so happy ?
Why were the gopals and gopis so carefree ?
Why this eager anticipation of another day ?
The simple rustic life, full of joy and play ?

Lord Krishna shared the spoils with his allies
With the gopals, the gopis and the monkeys
Whilst Lord Balarama complained to mother Yashoda
Of the Lord’s mischief he fully briefed mother Yashoda

The gopis also brought in their grouse
Of broken pots and stolen cream in their house
They assembled and derided the Lord Krishna
Fully supported and corroborated by Lord Balarama

On hearing their complaints, mother Yashoda duly recognized
She was certain, the Lord had to be suitably chastised
She proceeded to make amends for His naughty impudence
With fearful eyes the Lord pleaded His innocence

Mother Yashoda brought in a rope
To tie Him up was her simple hope
She tried rope after rope, sweaty and diligent
But the rope was ever short, somewhat deficient

Mother Yashoda just could not tie up the Lord with the ropes
Each and every one was too short, till she gave up all hopes
At long last, the Lord took mercy on Yashoda, His fond mother
The ropes fell into place and mother Yashoda was saved from further bother

Whatever we get from the Lord is by His mercy only
Not from our toils, our cleverness, or dexterity
The Lord gives to us what we deserve
Everything else He keeps in reserve

He knows what is best for us as He is the eternal father
Of all living entities the only sincere well wisher
The Lord of all worlds and material features
The friend and benefactor of all creatures

The Lord is a friend to all living entities
He showers goodwill and many mercies
This bodily connection, and kith and kin, are only temporal
Our relationship and journey with Lord Krishna is eternal

The Lord descended to earth to give us pleasure
Not wealth, but His love, is the real treasure
That is the lesson we learn from Gokul and Brindavan
The eternal playful pastimes of the Lord of Govardhan !

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