Brother of Gentle Demeanor
By Bhaktimarga Swami

Oh Brother of gentle demeanor,
I am your irrefutable junior.
When I look at all you’ve done,
Nothing short of making that homerun,
I am humbled by your limitless energy.
And now you leave us that memory,
Of absolute conviction to go,
Where a target receives a clean throw.
You aim your desires so right,
And anchor turbulence at a fight.
You offer a calm where there isn’t,
And subdue a storm you see as incumbent.
You go out of your way to cook for us,
At no inconvenience and with no fuss.
Last time you sat with me at Pune’s veranda.
(It could have been anywhere, even Uganda.)
You took the time to comfort, offer assurance.
When confusion prevails you present balance.
You are a gentleman so rare to find.
Even ruffians in your presence become kind.
You serve food daily to many, many children,
Fill bellies, fill hearts amounting to millions.
Vast attention comes running to you,
Especially when you put Prabhupada, centre in queue,
And set the tone with finesse and manners,
At such time when inclusiveness matters.
The world finds it hard that you’re suddenly gone,
Like the sun that’s up, then abruptly left for long-

Source: http://www.dandavats.com/?p=87107

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