Let us hear how to overcome the overwhelming mental health challenges in one’s spiritual life from Citi Sakti Devi Dasi who is an expert psychiatrist and practicing spiritual life for more than two decades.

About Citi Sakti Devi Dasi

Citi-Śakti Devi Dasi is a disciple of H.H Bhakti Tirtha Swami and is based in London, UK. She serves as a preacher, mentor & sangha leader. In her endeavors to make Krishna consciousness available to as many as possible, she reaches a broad variety of people internationally including celebrities, politicians, healthcare professionals and students.
Graduating from Imperial college as a Medical Doctor and specializing as a Consultant Psychiatrist, she brings together 20 years of experience in scientific advances in mental health with Krishna Consciousness. She regularly broadcasts for BBC radio on mental health, well being & spirituality with over 200 million listens. She features on TV and in newspapers & magazines and has contributed to a number of books.

Source: http://www.dandavats.com/?p=87677

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  • I respect any Spiritual or Krishna Conscious psychiatrist because the "mental health" industry is so money based and full of torture, neglect, and abuse that we need good nurses and doctors to fight those that abuse the so called patients. The only real truly harmful mental illness anyone can have is not loving God. Otherwise how is it? Did Jesus Christ of Nazareth who came in the flesh have a mental illness when He was being abused and tortured on the cross, even though His mind was in great distress and pain? There is nothing natural about being mutilated on a cross. But of course he was not mentally ill just because of His pain, because through that pain He was creating the pathway to forgive all beings for their sins. So why call those with a deep sense of their own pain mentally ill, even if modern psychiatry doesn't understand their coping mechanisms or how and why their mind works in a way that takes them off of the path of our broken modern society? Isn't Self-Realization and the path to Buddhahood renouncing the material world? So what exactly is a mental illness? To be healthy and free from psychic distress does not mean that you are a healthy person. If someone like Arjuna, for example decided not to fight the Battle of Kuruksetra (which would have been impossible for Arjuna to run away from, for He is an Avatar of Krishna), and instead if that person decided to run away, would they be considered healthy, even if they were unharmed physically? And what about if that same person faught, and was injured or even died, how about that? Would they be considered to be healthy then, would they have made the healthy choice following Krishna's order to fight? What is a healthy decision? And what is the true health of the mind? It is to Love and to Love ceaselessly, despite pain and suffering, despite demons attacking the mind to hurt an exceptionally Spiritual person, and despite any judgements the actual ignorant people have about them because of a social stigma of something they learned in an atheist textbook in an atheist school with an atheist education created to fuel atheist money obsessed corporations, who have no answers. To Love anyway is the goal of Krishna Consciousness and if you are doing that as a psychiatrist in an unhealthy field of money-grubbing medicine to save the victims of the system by means of harm reduction and rescue, I commend you. Just don't be a concentration camp "worker", in fact stay out of them with all you have and beware of the mutilation! Do all you can to get people out of concentration camps posing as medical facilities or psychiatric wards (there are countless of them around the world and in this country), but don't become a victim yourself. Don't become a victim yourself. We need you to chant with us and propigate the cult of Krishna Consciousness. Hare Krishna. In Satya-Yuga real psychiatrists would give one pill to a patient and they would be sent to the Spiritual World, never to have a psychiatric concern with their own mind again. In this Age victims of corporations are fed abusive chemicals told they have to take them the rest of their life. And it is clear the people who came up with the chemicals, the psychiatry, and the whole ordeal were not Spiritual Gurus. So why trust them? Trust God, and God says Chant And Be Happy.

    Hare Krishna.
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