Our Eternal Father: A Child??


"Although God has no parents as He is eternal and is the father of everyone, yet He can agree to become someone's child - have a little baby form and a devotee to serve Him as a parent. As a parent, the parents think that they are bigger than the child.

The parents always want to protect the child. Even though Krishna is the Supreme protector of everyone. His parents always think, "I have to protect Krishna. If I don't protect Krishna, some danger will befall Krishna."

So the parents actually become greater than God in that relationship - Krishna comes with the shoes of His father on His head and serves His parents. He is Supremely independent. He likes that sometimes His devotee is in a superior position."

HH Jayapataka Swami
From the book: Taking Shelter of Krishna Courtesy: Mathuradesh Publications
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  • beautiful photo prabhuji, yes krishna is really very merciful, he does so many things to please his devotees.
  • Hare Krishna Shabda Hari Das, You have provided a very intelligent and meaningful image and there is a lot of depth and Krishna Consciousness present in this painting. A person with Divine Understanding can grasp the meaning of this subject and fully appreciate Our God.
  • Hare Krishna PrabhuJi, What a Divine Blessing....
  • Hare Krihna ! This feeling of being bigger than the child remains only till the parents are ignorant of Krishna their child being a God. No sooner than this knowledgewas revealed to Nand Baba, Yashoda Maiyya, Gop, Gopi, when Krishna left them all and went to Mathura and killed Kaunsa. Thereafter the behaviour of all of them changed. Lord Krishna wanted to maintain this Bhram (ignorance) so that he could enjoy the Bhava Rasa of Braj Mandal as a whole.
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