One should learn how to cry for the Lord.

One should learn how to cry for the Lord. One should learn this small technique, he should be very eager and actually cry to become engaged in some particular type of service. This is called “laulyam” and such tears are the price for the highest perfection. If one develops this ‘laulyam’, or excessive eagerness for meeting, and serving the lord in a particular way, that is price to enter into a kingdom of God.In “The Nectar of Devotion”, page 83Srila Prabhupada emphasized the importance of craving for Sri Krishna. It is our desire for the God that helps us stay closer to him. We can definitely chant and stay connected with Sri Krishna. We will be raised to higher consciousness gradually than before if we go on praying Sri Krishna daily. We will cry for the blessing and we will definitely reach the perfect spiritual state. This spiritually awakened soul will do any work perfectly with full devotion. We cannot do anything half heartedly. It is important to respect work and move on with single minded devotion. We have to bring our craving for Sri Krishna and we need to prepare ourselves by regular chanting and this will keep us in regular touch with the divine existence of Sri Krishna who will liberate our soul from the materialistic world.
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