OH Gauranga!!!

OH Gauranga!!!!Oh Gauranga! When will that day come,When my heart will be freed,From the anarthas acquired,Since millions of lifetimes.Oh Gauranga! When will that day come,When the heart free from maliceAnd material contaminations,Develops pure taste for the Holy Name…Oh Gauranga! When will that day come,When the things of this world,Will cease to attract me,Which pull me away from your lotus feet.Oh Gauranga! When will that day come,When I rejoice and celebrate,In the association of your devoteesFree from the anartha of faultfinding.Oh Gauranga! When will that day come.When will I stop being controlled.By Anger and lust, my two masters.Who keep me bound here like an animal.Oh Gauranga! When will that day comeWhen your mercy will flow,Like the river flooding the banks.Inundating my heart with pure love.Oh Gauranga when will that day come.Oh Gauranga will that day ever come?Oh Gauranga will that day never come?Till then I can only weep in despair!
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  • Inspired by Sita Devi Mataji's O Gauranga Poem I read yesterday my poem 'Oh Krishna'

    O Krishna!

    O Krishna when will I wake up and serve you

    When will I feel that I no longer have in dualities and can live in a single way of life

    When will you give me the chance to serve you and forgive me for my sins

    When will I truly feel like I am serving with the true purpose of life

    When will I connect with you and go back home

    When I look for bhakt saangh and am unable to find

    When will you complete me so no longer require anyone else

    When will I wake up from this dream called life into the nurturing lap(godh) and feel the blessing of your warm hand

    Please forgive me for my sins and allow me to come back

    I hope the energy of this poem through the devotees reading this gets to you as I am not pure enough

    Forced to work, think and help people in this material world, when will I come and work solely for you

    I realize my life is just a second’s worth in the higher lokas calculations, but please show me the path you have shown so many other great devotees before me

    Let me bask in the glory of your knowledge, the protection of your words and knowing you as the highest form of human accomplishment

    I try and find so many ways to serve you but at last thinking about you is the only constant I am able to achieve

    In this Kali Yuga, with so many things going on, I am not even able to devote a certain time to you each day

    Each time I come to the temple I feel bliss and promise to come regularly but am unable to do so

    I come in for my desperateness and leave with your love

     I have realized that I cannot understand you, what you do, but can only feel your presence and that too with a decayed and worldly mind

    Seated in my heart, you can act as my savior and bring me to the path of righteousness

    It is you, and by your mercy alone that my mind can go towards the right direction

    Nothing is in my control, we only realize this when we come against a uncontrollable

    Helpless in need, as I have been for so many births before, I stand here hands folded with just a feeling of you in heart, my only armament against this entire world, thinking of you as my only quality, cooking for you as my only capacity, feeding the cows my only service, breathing for you as my only function.

    Writing for you my only duty

    Spreading your message my only mission

    Reading about you, my only service

    O Krishna of the millions of souls longing for you attention shower your blessing upon all of us, my brothers and sisters, mataji’s and prabuji’s and show mercy and give us one chance to come back

  • Haribol.........................!
  • Hare Krsna
    Beautiful Prayer
    May radharani bless u
    Hari Bol !!
  • Hare Krsna dear Sita Devi
    I feel something in me wants to cry... when I read this most beautiful poem
    I want to beg... using the words of your poem
    thank you
    bhaktin carol
  • Hare krsna mathaji ur poems r extraordinary
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