Nrsimha Nectar 03: Different Kalpa 1

In the Padma Purana it mentions that another kalpa, Hiranyakashipu asked, "I can't be killed by a man, by animal, by deva, not by anything dead or alive", but he did'nt mention "in our out". Like in this lila it is not 'inside or outside', but in that lila he didn't mention that. So that's...didn't have to be killed in the door-way. So like that some little differences are there in each of the pastimes.

So Hiranyakashipu told Prahalad that, "I'm giving you till 6'oclock, until sundown!" Like in America in the cowboy movies they say, "You got till sundown!." So I'll give you till sundown and if by that time your Lord doesn't come, then you are finished!"

So it is said that there were elaborate arrangements for worshiping Hiranyakashipu. That they built a big air-conditioned facility which was like over a 100km long and 50km wide, very high, so even airplanes could fly inside it.

When one went inside it's air condition, they didn't feel heat or cold. Also, without cool, always pleasant, then a special buffet if you're can go, eat what ever you want. But even then if you're inside you don't feel very hungry but still if you wanted, you could enjoy.

Then there was a big place.. a big high like altar, with a big throne on it. Hiranyakashipu would sit, and all hundreds and millions of people would be in there and singing Hiranyakashipu kirtan! They didn't say what was the kirtan you know.."We love you, Hiranyakashipu!" (laughter). "You give us sense gratification, you're our great guide." Something like that...I don't know. Speculating.

So something they had...big gatherings, fountains and beautiful.. So Hiranyakashipu would get worshiped, not as a representative of Visnu but as the supreme himself. But then Prahalad still wouldn't accept him. So for his mutiny, his impudence, he told him, "You have until sunset, then I'll kill you!"


HH Jayapataka Swami
Nrsimha Caturdasi, 2008
Sridham Mayapur

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