New Album Release - ILLUMINIZE (Damodar Month 2009)

New Album Release - ILLUMINIZEHare Krishna Prabhus/MatajisPlease accept our respectful obeisances.All Glories to Srila Prabhupada. All Glories to Guru & Gauranga!Just wanted to let you know that, by the mercy of Srila Prabhupada, ISKCON Gurus and Vaisnavas, my wife Bhaktin Vanita and I have officially pre-launched our first album under the banner Supersoul Records, called ILLUMINIZE, on 09-09-09.We would like you to visit, which is LIVE now. The album theme is based on the Damodar Month.The Album:- Consists of 12 songs- Has a western/modern feel, targeting a world-wide audience- The Album name was also chosen with this in mind; to have an international-appeal- Has songs such as Damodar Astakam, Jagannath Astakam, Guruv Astakam, Guru Vandana and 5-6 MahamantrasAnyone who visits the site will be able to download a FREE Damodar Astaka track that they can use during the Karthik month.- Our goal is to give away as many as 5000+ FREE copies of Damodar Ashtaka (through the website) before the start of Karthik month.- Also planning to give new KC ringtones, wallpapers and other goodies once we have a data base in place.We really hope to reach out to as many devotees and non-devotees from around the world and make them hear the Damodar Astakam so that they benefit spiritually by just hearing it. We need your special blessings that this endeavor is successful.We would be very grateful if all can spread the word about our website, so that many more devotees can download the songs and benefit during Karthik month.Many of my Muslim and Christian friends previewed some of the songs and were really appreciative were eager to get the full songs.The album is set to hit all major digital music stores on the 10th of October. iTunes, Amazon, etc in all countries..By all your blessings, we are hoping that this would be an effective preaching tool in the mission of Lord Caitanya and Srila Prabhupada, especially during the Damodar month.Damodar Month Ki Jaya! Srila Prabhupada Ki Jaya!In your service always,Shabda Hari DasVanita Siddharthwww.illuminize.comTESTIMONIALS:"Congratulations on the launch of the album. I downloaded the free track and found it very capably done.And I like your idea of a Kartika 'Damodar Campaign'. My blessings for your sincere endeavor to spread Krsnaconsciousness through transcendental sound." - HH Jaiadvaita Swami (ACBSP)"Thank you, very nice. I was also going to record this in a similar way, butyou beat me to it. All glories to your service." - HG Mahatma Das (ACBSP)"Well Done!" - Nagaraj Das (ACBSP - Chief Editor BTG)"Wishing you the very best!" - HG Basu Ghosh Das (ACBSP-ISKCON Baroda)"Great Track! I look forward to the whole album" - HG Kurma Das (ACBSP-Sydney Austraia)"The song is superb. I'm very glad to hear your composition. Thank you so much for this beautiful contribution.May Sri Guru & Gauranga always continue to inspire you in this way... so to inspire others with your nive seva." - HG Sadhu Prabhu (ACBSP)GET YOUR FREE COPY OF DAMODAR ASTAKA NOW!
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  • Haribol. wonderful. :) All great wishes for your endeavour.
  • Hari Bol,

    give entire peace of mind.
  • Please accept my humble obeisances at Your Lotus Feet Prabhu... All glories to Your service.
  • Jai prabhu wonderful job done................. Gr8 inspiration for forthcoming Kartik festival.........
    Keep it up
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