My realization after watching a 4-D movie.

Few days back we went to Genting Highlands( a famous tourist attraction near Kuala Lumpur). Its a theme park with lots of fun rides and a 4-D movie theater. For those who have never watched a 4-D movie i would like to tell that in 4-D movie along with the 3-D images being projected on the screen, viewer's seat is also moved in certain ways which give the illusion to the viewer that he is also the part of the movie.

 The movie we watched was the story of a Cat who is moving inside a ghostly house. We were given special glasses for watching the movie. As I put on my glasses and started watching the movie, I started feeling like I am the Cat, who is the central character of the movie. The cat was moving and jumping throughout the house and due to movement of my chair, I was also feeling the same. As the cat was in a ghostly house, it would encounter scary ghosts and I would get scared as if I have encountered some real ghosts in my life.

   After 5 minutes of the movie suddenly a realization dawned on me which I would like to share here. A thought came in my mind that just like here in this theater I am not the Cat, but under the influence of these special glasses I am thinking myself to be a cat, similarly in this material world I am not this body, but under the influence of Maya I am thinking myself to be this body..

  Just as in the movie cat was inside a ghostly house and I was getting scared believing the ghosts to be real, similarly I am in this material world and I get affected by joys and sorrows here believing them to be real.

 Just as it was my choice to buy the ticket to see the movie for my enjoyment similarly I made a choice to seperate myself from Krishna and enjoy individually in this material world.

 Once the movie started I found the movie to be scary just as I find this material world to be full of miseries.

 After all these thoughts came in my mind , I realised that I am not this cat and neither this ghostly house is real. As soon as this realisation become fixed in my mind, I was no longer affected by any scary thing going inside the house. It was fixed in my mind that this is just an illusion and I watched the remaining movie not like a cat, but like a totally aloof viewer without being affected by it.

 The movie showed me practically that if I can stop believing myself to be this body, and realize my true identity as the Soul, then the miseries of this scary world will no longer affect me and I will surely go back to Godhead...


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  • HARI BOL!!!!!!!
  • Volunteer
    This is like using a thorn to remove a thorn.
  • that is called practical application of kc .we should always try to put the theory into applicaton
  • hare krishna........

    thnx for sharing such a good experience......)


  • wonderful realization..thnx for sharing this..
  • wonderful!
  • very nice practical experience.....

    hari bol


  • Very Nice Realisation...


    Hare Krishna

  • HARI HARI !!!!!!!!!!

    Jai Ho!!!!!

    Wonderful realisation...

    Plz keep sharing this kind of ur realisations on this social networking site as we learn a lot and also can give examples to non believers of all this spiritual knowledge......

    I am really moved away with ur presenation style and way of writing.....

    Plz give all of us some tips so that we all be able to write and present our realisations to the world....


    HariBol !!!

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    Hmm very nice
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