Meeting "tiger mask"

Gaura Purnima Sankirtana lila from Okinawa, Japan [2011-03-22]

Dear Prabhus,
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Yesterday an amazing thing happened while Gita Govinda was on Sankirtana.Ê I was out chanting with a mrdanga in my usual spot and my friends walked by with a donation box for the earthquake victims.Ê I called them over and dropped a 500 yen gold coin in their bucket and gave them a mantra card for their daughter. Gita also gave a small donation on Gaura Purnima but I did not know that until later. I had come back after fasting all day,took a little Prasad, and then passed out!! My phone rang four timesÊ but I was really down so missed 4 calls from Gita Govinda.Ê She walks in the door with a huge smile saying, Nuja I met Tiger mask today! (Tiger mask is several people in Japan who go around silently handing out money or goods by package discreetly) She pulls out a wad of 10,000 yen notes and counts to 16! WOW!! 160,000 yen for a Krsna book and a Light of the Bhagavat! That is about $2,000 usd...what can we say? GAURANGA!!!!! The generous man declined to take more than two books saying they would be too heavy to carry. Fortunately she woke me up after an hour and we both continued Sankirtana until 12 midnight.Ê I should say His most merciful, munificent and magnanimous name again and again...GAURANGA!!!!!


Gita Govinda's humbled servant,

Indranuja dasa

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