Guru-varam mukunda-presthatve (smara):
Meditate on Sri Gurudeva as very dear to Sri Mukunda

Sri Gurudeva is known as mukunda-prestha or one who is very dear to Sri Mukunda, who bestows mukti or liberation from material bondage. Devotees should think, "Sri Krsna, who is an ocean of mercy, has sent His very dear associate as my gurudeva in order to deliver me." It is, therefore, fully appropriate to consider Sri Gurudeva as a priya sakhi of Srimati Radhika. According to the statement of the sastras, "acarya mam vijaniyat," (S.B. 11.17.27) Sri Gurudeva is known as the svarupa or embodiment of Bhagavan. The spiritual master is very dear to Bhagavan or that he is equally worshipable as the Lord. But to reject Bhagavan and worship only guru, thinking him to be God, is an offense.

prathaman tu gurum pujya tatas caiva mamarcanam
kurvan siddhim avapnoti hy anyatha nisphalam bhavet
(Hari-bhakti-vilasa, 4.344)
Sri Krsna says, "A devotee who worships Sri Gurudeva first and then worships Me attains perfection. It is fruitless to worship Me alone."

In direct opposition to this, if an evil-minded, arrogant and wretched man disregards Sri Gurudeva and worships only Bhagavan, he becomes a target for the Lord's wrath. When a lotus flower is situated in water, the rays of the sun cause it to blossom. The same sun, however, will wither a lotus which is not situated in water. In this example the guru is compared to water and the Supreme Lord is compared with the sun.

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  • Jai Gurudev! Jai Sri Krishna!
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    Rahe madupuri chaye...eee... O Ji Hari kit gaye....

    Hari Bol..

    Your servent...Rishi
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  • actually I made a valid point but I guss the staff took it wrong and did not post it
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  • Hare Krishna!
    Yes! If ones guru is full in all qualities of a Pure devotee and always seeing Krishna, then we should meditate on him. At least we know for sure Srila Prabhupada was and is always seeing Krishna. But how to know other gurus are on that level. I feel safe to meditate on Srila Prabhupada.
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    Very Nice Blog Mathaji!

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