Mayapur Community Hospital Needs Help

Millions of devotees and visitors from all over the world and local pilgrims visit Mayapur every year and this is well known fact. A small team of dedicated Doctors, Dentists and Nurses have been tirelessly working to provide basic health care to all these devotees and visitors with the available facilities in Mayapur.

There is an acute need to add certain very essential facilities to medical care and support which Mayapur is offering in order to cater to emergencies and bare essential health care needs of Mayapur residents, Dham Vasis, devotee visitors and pilgrims. 

These Doctors and Nurses have shunned lucrative career options in the outside world to dedicate their life to service of Sridham Mayapur for the pleasure of the vaisnava community.

They operate with basic facilities available in Dham and often extend themselves beyond the call of duty to serve the devotee community.

Mayapur management have been over years supporting the operational expenses to the tune Rs. 30 Lakhs  every year and thereby making the service continuously available over years. 

The medical team is requesting the devotee fraternity all over the world to come up to support this selfless service. There is are various ways by which you could support this initiative.

Of course, you could also sponsor any amount small or big according to your capacity and we will gladly accept it, you can visit General donation link to pay partial amounts.

As a special gesture of reciprocation we shall perform Nrsimha Puja for the good health and Kṛṣṇa conscious advancement of the family of all devotees donating Rs. 20,000/- and above. 

Devotees donating 1,00,000/- and above shall get two days of complimentary stay in Sridham Mayapur (during non-festival times - one AC room to accommodate 4 members) with Prasadam. In addition, they are will also get a special surprise gift of gratitude from our medical team. 


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