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There is a wonderful, simple and instructive anecdote from the life of Namacharya Haridas Thakur. Haridas Thakur was staying in a small village called Phuliya in Bengal and chanting the Holy Names of Krishna, throughout the day and night. Chanting the Holy Names was his food, his sustenance, his everything. The local magistrate of that place (Kazi) knowing that Haridas had been born in a Muslim household, and now was showing such a taste for chanting the Holy Names of Krishna, began to fear tha
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Walking along Spadina, to my right I observed a lovely Presbyterian church with a message out front: “The world is both beautiful and terrible.“
Minutes later, a cyclist with longish hair pulled over. “Didn’t the Buddha say, “The world is a place of pain?”
“My response was: “Krishna states, ‘The world is a place of suffering, and that it’s temporary.’“
Then on Augusta Avenue, I met one of the musicians who would venture our way at the local park to join us in Kirtan. Still around, I thoug
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