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Watering the Tree of Love by Niscala Dasi


Loving Krishna means loving everyone because Krsna is in their heart. Conversely, applying that logic backwards, if you don’t love everyone, it means that you are not loving Krsna. Using the root and leaves example, if the leaves are looking healthy, it is to be understood that the root is receiving nourishment.

In SB, eleventh canto, it is explained that only the kanishta or neophyte sees Krsna in the temple, but not in the hearts of all, and fails to respect and develop loving relationships w

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As I write this, I’m sitting in a fast train from Berlin to a meeting with a personal friend. We will discuss our experiences on the spiritual path and explore different possibilities of how to progress further. As the train speeds through the winter landscape, people around me read, type on their laptops, or doze. In front of me is a boisterous family – grandparents to toddlers – playing cards and quarreling noisily. I ask myself what the journey of all these people could have in common with m
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