sri sri radha gopivallabha (2)


ISKCON Boston is celebrating the 50th installation anniversary of the presiding deities Sri Sri Radha Gopivallabha. On this auspicious occasion ISKCON Boston would like to warmly invite you to join a 2-day online festival on Aug 7 & Aug 8 to celebrate! We welcome you to join the online festivity on YouTube:
You can also join via Zoom: Please join us at Zoom ID 916 4947 3119 (password: 108) or using a single click at….


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By Kalakantha Dasa ACBSP

My experiences trying to keep sane in the prevailing pandemic through Deity worship.
Sri Kapiladeva: 0 My mother, My devotees always see the smiling face of My form, with eyes like the rising morning sun. They like to see My various transcendental forms, which are all benevolent, and they also talk favorably with Me.

Maydvadis and atheists accept the forms of the Deities in the temple of the Lord as idols, but devotees do not worship idols. They directly worship the Per

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