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selfless love (2)

Selfless Love by Achyut Gopal Das


I recently saw a loving father who was selflessly taking care of his mischievous child. I was observing the exhibition of his tolerance. I was left wondering about all the troubles I must have given my parents and the extent of tolerance and patience they must have exhibited in raising me up.

Whatever we are and where ever we are in life is because of the selfless sacrifice of so many people. We should always remember the sacrifices others have made for us and are making for us and feel gratefu
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Selfless Love by Bhaktimarga Swami

There is this nice devotee, Sujan, who loves the soil, water, plants and flowers.  He spends hours outdoors, weeding, watering, curing and caring for the greens and the flowers.  He loves his work.
Mayapura is a place of plants and flowers.  It is not uncommon to receive flower garlands each day from well-wishers, no less than six.  Of course, that may be so if you are a monk, expect one garland to wrap around the neck and embrace the chest.  After one comes off, another one appears from som
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