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Do you have strong friendships? By this I mean people close to your heart, who are with you through good and bad times, people with whom your life is tightly bound. Will these relationships endure at your deathbed and beyond? There is only one person who is tightly bound to us beyond the barrier of death. He has always been with us, even before this life. He is a friend who knows the contents of our heart… and yet we have somehow managed to forget Him. We have inconceivably lost our most import

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Small miracles to change ourselves and our surroundings.

The King & a Human Skull 

How do the eyes of the wise see through the ears?

A king was once presented with a human skull as a gift. He assembled his political advisers — whom he paid exorbitantly — and enquired from them whether the person whom the skull belonged to, was a fool or an intellectual. If they could not give a suitable answer he would have them killed. How does one tell based only on bodily remains? However the most intelligent of

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Human relationships in this modern world are scary. There is so much fear whether a relationship will last. For instance, will a marriage work out or not?  Why have we changed? 

This is because of the culture that we live in and the changes in the Western world and in the modern world that we witness around us. Previously, holding marriage as sacred was a very serious social thing. And if one wanted to break a marriage, it was considered as a disgrace, to the extent that the entire society an

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